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  • Are the kitchen staff actually Japanese?
    Yes, the owner and her friends in the kitchen are all Japanese. The front of house staff may or may not be Japanese, but feel free to speak to them in Japanese and see what happens!
  • I have allergies, will I be accomodated for?
    We will do the best we can. Allergens are well documented and if you are not sure the kitchen staff will double check for you. However, due to limited space in the kitchen we only have one fryer and so the oil may be cross contaminated. If this is likely to be an issue, we can still accomodate for you if we are less busy and if you give us enough advanced notice.
  • I am a vegan. Are there enough options for me?
    We have a number of vegan options, however due to our small size you may be in close proximity to someone easting meat/fish/etc. We wish there was something we could do about this T_T Check out our vegan-centric reviews here:
  • You have cute plates/cups/containers/etc. Can I buy them?
    Definitely... maybe! Depends on Yuka's mood, the item in question, and your offer :D Sometimes we will bring various things back from Japan and then sell some of the now un-used things. Sometimes we will go to Japan and buy one for you if it lines up in our schedule. Finally, sometimes they are just from a British store and you can buy them yourself.
  • Where has the super handsome, cool, and intelligent waiter called Luke gone?
    I agree things were much better when he was here, sadly he has left us to go to Japan. We all miss him. SORA
  • What is the best way to make a reservation?
    Via resOS: Due to our small size, large groups can be a little more complicated and so you should email us to check we are able to safely accomodate everyone:
  • Why did no one answer the phone when I called?
    The business phone is in the restaurant and so we can only answer it during business hours: (11:30-14:00 Thu-Sat, and 17:00-22:30 Wed-Sat) Sometimes, we will be too busy to answer the phone, for which we are sorry. It is better to send an email so we can get back to you as soon as we can:
  • Can you teach me how to make Japanese foods?
    Unfortunately, all of our kitchen staff are too shy and not so great at English. They would be terrible teachers!!!
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